Pixel Gun 3D Bad Doctor Weapon Review

Hello guys, today we will take a look at the latest updated weapon in the pixel gun 3d game which is none other than Bad Doctor. So let’s see what’s new we have in this ultimate deadly bad doctor.

pixel gun 3d bad doctor

As per the statistics available in the game about this bad doctor weapon, it is one of the most powerful weapon available in the pixel gun 3d now. Its efficiency has set at 23, its fire rate of 95 with capacity of 8 and mobility of 115 and can be considerable around 2 to 3 head shots or 4 to 5 body shots to a maximum armed player. This means that if you get encounter or face to face with the maximum equipped player, you can easily defend them by using this weapon at its full force and you will easily defeat them before you get out of all your ammo. The only condition is accuracy, because if you are a pro player then it may not affect you very hard but if you are a beginner of this game, then it may be little tough for you to shoot this weapon with the 100% accurate every time you use it.  This weapon is comparable to other weapons like The High Voltage, The Alligator.

The Needle Travel Time :

I don’t know if you know about needle travel time for this weapon already or not but for those who are new to this weapon, there is a needle travel time in this weapon in which this bad doctor strike with needles instead of the bullets. Yes this is why the one of the reason that this weapon is being called as a bad doctor. The Bad Doctor has a 4x zoom so if you want to look on the medium to long range map, then you can do it easily using this function but I will recommend to not to go with the medium to long range because this way you can miss your lots of shots easily, just stick to your close range and you will be more accurate in shooting with the close range.

Poison Ability:

As we all know that there is one gun in the pixel gun 3d game which already has the poison ability is the poison hunter and as you can expect that this ability is also being carried out in the bad doctor gun, this ability basically poisons enemy players over the time easily when you shoot it. Over all if I go to rate this weapon out of 10 points, then I will give it  9 points out of 10 because it has almost all you need in the todays battle in the pixel gun 3d game. Remember. This gun can shoot needles and the poison simultaneously as per your need, you just need to set it well and use the weapon with full of its throttle in the game and am sure you will never lose your battle at any cost with this awesome The Bad Doctor Gun. Also please comment about how these pixel gun 3d cheats helped you or not and please comment if you want to read any specific review about any game. Thanks and stick to the posts. Will right back with some new reviews.

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